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Best Practices for Digital Analytics Implementations

As a Digital Analytics Consultant, there is often a perception that I implement Analytics software. Some Analysts have that capability, however, no matter how much I try to learn, it’s something that just doesn’t stick for me. So I rely heavily on developers to do the implementation.

Since developers are not Analysts, it is really important to provide clear, concise instructions and use cases around the requirements of what you want to track. Regardless of the tool being used, if you want data captured about your website that is not available “out of the box,” then it will be imperative that you communicate the specifics of your requirements to a developer.

First, it is recommended to use a ticket tracking system (e.g. Jira) so that there is documentation around the communication between the developer and analyst. This is helpful at a later time when a new developer or new analyst comes onto the project and has to change or fix something related to a requirement.

Second, each requirement should have it’s own ticket. The purpose of this, is so all communication about that requirement is in one place. Nobody wants to spend unnecessary time sifting through information that might not be helpful, it’s ineffective.

Third, each requirement provides a clear use case scenario that specifies what should be tracked and the expected outcome from that tracking. Leave it up for the developer to decide how it should get tracked.

Fourth, make sure you’ve accounted for every use case on the website. Often times, the specifics for a requirement may span several pages on the website. Be sure to include those type of details within the ticket. This will not only help the developer, it will help you remember to QA all the different scenarios on the website after the digital analytics code has been implemented.

I’ve helped several different companies with both Adobe and Google Analytics implementations. If you’re struggling with how your data is implemented and want help with Google custom tracking or Adobe Analytics, contact me, I’d love to help!

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