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Selecting a Digital Analytics Tool that Makes Sense for Your Business

When I first started working in Digital Analytics, my boss told me “We’ve implemented Google Analytics on our website, please figure it out.” This was back in the day when there were no tutorials or Google Analytics partners to learn from. However, at that time, there were no special customizations that you could pull through Event tracking or Segmentation (to name a few bells and whistles that are available now).

Additionally, at that time, the competition of Digital Analytics Software companies was pretty big. We eventually implemented HBX which was bought by Visual Sciences, then Omniture. There were also other companies like Webtrends and Coremetrics making their way for market share at that time.

While some of those companies are still around, I would say that it really comes down to two options today; Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture).

Google Analytics offers a Free and Paid option, depending on the requirements of your business. In my opinion, small businesses can get a lot of value from the free Google Analytics option. The Paid option is really for large enterprise companies that want their data more secure and private. It also offers Segmentation without Sampling. Otherwise, the information that you can learn about your site visitors is the same in either the Free or Paid version of Google Analytics.

Adobe Analytics only offers a Paid option, however, they’ve moved toward a more user centric suite of tools that they call the Marketing Cloud. More often than not, I am seeing larger companies who go the Adobe route, purchase more than one service so that they are able to do more than only understand their website audience.

Even though Digital Analytics tools have come down to Google and Adobe, choosing one for your company can be daunting or intimidating, it relies on a solid understanding of what your business requirements are and whether a paid option is within your budget.

If you’re looking to switch Digital Analytics tools and would like some help with that process, contact me and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your needs and how I can help.

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