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The Art of Marketing – San Diego – January 2015

Last week, I attended the Art of Marketing Conference hosted by the American Marketing Association local chapter. I’ll admit, I went because my friend is the President of the local San Diego Chapter and I wanted to support my friend.

Unfortunately, I arrived late and missed her opening remarks. Some friend I am, I know!

Anyway, let’s just say, I was impressed by this one day Conference.

It kicked off with Kaplan Mobray as the keynote. Never heard of the guy before that morning, but he sure did know how to get the crowd going. Words that come to mind… bold, positive, energetic, saxophone, confident, funny, … just to name a few.

He’s the author of a book called The 10K’s of Personal Branding. I probably won’t read it now that he summed it up at the conference, but powerful stuff. I don’t want to give up all of his content, but some things that resonated with me was:

  • Know your strengths… and your weaknesses…
  • Know what you want to be known for? (Ever wonder what people say about you after you leave a room?)
  • Be consistent; both online and offline
  • Know how to create your own opportunities
  • Know and master the art of connection

For the other 5K’s, you’ll have to check it out!

The break out sessions had quite a bit of substance. My favorite was…

Internal Brand Alignment

It was about organizational alignment and how it’s driven by leadership. Sounds obvious…

The speaker from Elevator Agency, Frank Cowell was so convicted and passionate about his approach to branding. I was very impressed with what he had to say. If I wanted to work for an agency again, I’d be knocking down their door with my own conviction as to why I would be a good fit. Definitely, keep an eye on this agency in the years ahead!

In addition to this session was speaker Julie Lyons who spoke about how values influence decision-making. She too spoke with so much conviction, again, I didn’t take the best notes but I was impressed with her knowledge and experience in studying user behavior.

My Notes from this Session are Something like this:

  • Who & Why? → Who do you serve and why?
  • Mental Model → We are in the business of ____ (the answer must be a concept or it will not succeed)
  • Vision –> Know this, people!
  • Behaviors & Beliefs → What are the core behaviors your team must embody
  • Key Messages → Make sure everyone says the same thing about your organization
  • Values influence decision making
  • Alignment must be within the organization

Check them out!

Improv only makes sense at a Conference called The Art of Marketing

The last memorable experience from the Conference was from the keynote speaker Gary Ware. What a different and very relevant topic he brought to the table.

Who would have thought Improv was relevant to our industry. He certainly did a great job explaining how it fits. Improv can certainly teach us a thing or two about networking:

  • Listen… and listen for offers (In other words, opportunities to provide something… it doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related)
  • Play
    • Enjoy the time spent with the people you meet. Get to know them… really know them!
  • Fail
    • Come on… it’s how we learn!
  • Yes, and…
    • Say yes to everything… something I personally am not the best at. So I will compromise and say yes to every other thing I would normally say no to… Fair?
  • Show up
    • This is my favorite. You can’t make something happen if you don’t show up! And that doesn’t mean just physically being there…
  • It’s OK to use other people’s stuff
    • THANK GOD!!! 😉

That’s a wrap folks. I don’t have much to fill in the blanks because it feels like months since the event, but I hope you found value in the notes that I did take.

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