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Using Google Analytics to Measure Website Performance

Google Analytics is a free tool used to measure website and mobile application performance. All types of data can be collected and reported to help businesses make better decisions about their digital properties. Reporting is broken out into four categories; Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions.

Audience reports provide information about the users that came to the website. Whether the user is new to the website or returned, where the user was geographically when they came to the website, what technology they’re using when they access the website (mobile device, browser type, etc.) and other customized data that can be collected.

Acquisition reports provide information about how users are getting to the website. Whether they typed the URL of the website directly into the browser, whether they came from  a Search Engine or from a Campaign that was set up to draw users to the website.

Behavior reports provide information about how users are utilizing the website. Which content is viewed, if they’re using the Search functionality and what is being typed in the Search box. Similar to the other sections, there is customization that allow companies to add additional behavioral activity into the reporting.

Conversion reports provide information about how users are able to complete the objective for a website. For example, the ultimate goal of an eCommerce website is for a user to make a purchase. However, other conversions can be set up for websites where the main objective is not to purchase online.

This was a general overview of Google Analytics, if you’re interested in setting up an Account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Google Account or Create an Account
  2. Select the Admin tab
  3. Add information related to the Web Property
  4. Tracking code and Account ID is Available



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